"It all began ..." this way, one day in 1996, Anna began his long journey as a theater company.

The Company is named as her actress Anna Roca. Born in 1967 in Olot, has devoted a huge part of her life to the theater for children and families.

The knowledge of interpretation of Anna, begins to grow at Festino Barocco Institute of Barcelona, with Manuel L' lllo and Txiqui Berraondo. This allows her to start teaching theater in primary and secondary schools.

Years later, this experience in the sector carries creating a School of Theatre in the center of Olot, in the cultural center "Els Catòlics." Nowadays, together with Marta Rius, they have created the theater workshop Groc llimona.

Releated to the shows, first of all, Contes de l'Anna (1996), despite its simplicity, have surprised so much the public. The way to tell stories, to dramatize them, voice changes, rhythm, and adaptations of short stories, was a great success at the time. So this is the way she began with stories, and have followed with more theatrical performances. Always committed to quality, a family theater pointer: Contes al terrat, Can Pere Petit, Quan Jo era Petita, Contencinc, Les sabates noves de l'emperador, La granja més petita del món.

The company likes challenges, so with the theater family market covered, made their first play for adults: "Captius" with texts by Joan Barril and directed by Josep Maria Miró, who received really good reviews.

Among the collaborations, having worked as an actress with Viridiana d'Osca to show  the play "I es quan no em plou a sobre, em plou a dins" in projects 3.0, welcomed the company in Olot his show "Carretera y manta". Anna Roca became executive producer and assistant director next to Jesús Arbués.