The Secret of Nanna

a Anna Roca Theatre's production 
Information of interest to the programmer
STREET SHOW THEATER inside a lorry
A show that fosters the imagination and ability to continue being children.

Limited seating for 10 people per pass (consecutive passes during the performance time)
Recommended age: from 2 years old
Number of actors: 2
Number of technicians: 1
Planned assembly time: 3 hours
Duration of the show:
Spend 10 minutes in a row for 3 hours.
Option 1 _ 3 hours in a row (to be chosen in the morning or afternoon hours)
Option 2 _ 1 hour and 30 minutes in the morning and 1 hour 30 minutes in the afternoon.
Expected disassembly time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Basic technical needs:
A totally flat space of about 10 x 15 meters.
A 220V outlet near the actuation site (the company has an extension of 25 meters).
Accessibility of a truck to the space of action: Renault Master truck with license plate 7872 HFX
Vehicle size (mm): height 3400 / width 2350 / length 6204.
(you can download the technical sheet with more information a little below)
Can you imagine a big storybook inside a lorry?
We'd like to present The Nanna's Secret!
Our protagonist, Nanna, will show you a fantastic world inside the box of her lorry...
Do you want to know this magical world?!
Are you ready?
Artistical Team
Original idea and artistic direction: Anna Roca
Artistic support: Toni Tomàs
Actors: Anna Roca and Jordi Gilabert
Design and illustration: Alla Kinda
Stage design and construction: StageLab + Estudi Taller Plàncton + Guillermo Góngora
Music and sound design: Marta Rius
Technical direction: Sergio Sisques and Ion Reguera
Wardrobe: Judith Torres
Photos: Diego Espada
Executive production: Anna Roca
Management: Aina Gomis
Technician: August Viladomat ‘Guti’ 
ICEC - Departament de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya
Institut Ramon Llull
Ajuntament de Girona
Girona KREAS